South County Health Board of Trustees


Joseph F. Matthews

James L. Farrell

Vice Chairman

Betty Rambur, Ph.D., R.N.


John H. Howland

Aaron Robinson

President & CEO, Ex-officio


Robert Bierwirth, M.D.

President of the Medical Staff,

Christopher Jalbert, M.D.

Vice President of the Medical Staff,

Sandra Coletta

Robert K. Dyer, M.D.

Rogean Makowski

Jason Marshall

Austin C. Smith

Victoria Wicks

South County Health Senior Leadership

Aaron Robinson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Anitra L. Galmore, DNP, RN, MS, NEA-BC

Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operations Officer

Thomas Breen
Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin P. Charpentier, M.D.

Vice President, South County Medical Group, Chief Medical Officer

Angie Mathieu

Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Ian Clark

Vice President,
Performance Excellence and Strategy

Maggie Thomas

Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Christine Foisy

Vice President of Development,
Chief Philanthropy Officer

Elaine Desmarais

Assistant Vice President,
Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Lynne Driscoll, RN, BSN, CCM

Assistant Vice President,
Community Health

Andrew Prescott, Esq.

General Counsel

Financial Summary FY2022

Operating Revenue

Investments Into Our Community

South County Health Foundation

Charitable Giving and Support

FY2022 saw opportunities to again gather for some fundraising events including:

  • June 14 - Invitational Golf Event – 92 golfers enjoyed a beautiful day at Misquamicut Club while raising over $120,000 to support South County Health.
  • June 15 – Auxiliary Fashion Show at the Dunes Club – After a two-year hiatus this popular event returned with 225 guests enjoying a wonderful lunch and fashion show, and raising over $17,000 for the Auxiliary.

Charitable gifts from our community helped to support:

  • Staff respite spaces with massage chairs
  • Upgrades to our radiation oncology facilities and equipment bringing the latest technologies used to treat cancer to a community setting
  • Care packages for patients in the Cancer Center
  • Transportation assistance
  • Nursing education
  • Emergency Department upgrades with a focus on better safety for patients and staff
  • Community Health Team and collaborations with community health partners to care for the most vulnerable members of our community
  • Fund our Community Health Team that cares for the most vulnerable members of our community
  • Gifts to improve accessibility and upgrade patient and staff entrances
  • Honor and Memorial donations to support the Women and Newborn Care Unit (WNCU), ICU, Woundcare, Cancer Center, Community Health and Home Health
  • Donation to develop The Real Jobs Partnership that trains future healthcare workers and provides job opportunities

Circle of Care

With 190 members of the Circle of Care, we raised over $686,033 for the Annual Fund to be used where needed most. This generosity enables us to remain innovative in our ability to provide the best patient care possible and increase organizational capacity to care for every person who walks through our doors.

Business Partners

We have engaged 13 community-based businesses in support of South County Health’s mission. Now in its fifth year, the Business Partner program provides an opportunity for local businesses to demonstrate their support for the health and wellness of those in their communities.

Planned Giving and Bequests

Over $440,000 realized from charitable bequests and planned gifts.

Grant Spotlight

In addition to individuals and businesses that provide financial support, South County Health acknowledges these organizations that have provided grant funding:

Three Angels Fund - $25,000 to provide comfort and care to patients in the Community Cancer Center.

Champlin Foundation Grant for telemetry upgrade project in support of expanded cardiac care.

Rhode Island Foundation - $50,000 grant for South County Home Health.

Horace A. Kimball and S. Ella Kimball Foundation - $25,000 grant to support Emergency Department upgrades at South County Hospital.

Edward J. & Virginia M. Routhier Foundation - $40,000 in funding towards the purchase of a new Linear Accelerator.

South County Health Donors

2022 Circle of Care
South County Health is honored to welcome donors who have made a contribution of $1,000 or more to our Annual Fund into the Circle of Care.

$25,000 and above

  • The Balise Family
  • Albert Chester Beals, Jr. Charitable Trust**
  • Edith Johnston**
  • Marco Marinelli**
  • The Joseph & Rosalyn Sinclair Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Guadolupe E. Torres

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Anonymous
  • Susie and Jim Bowers
  • Christina and Duncan Cocroft
  • Robert K. Dyer, MD and Gail A. Dyer, Esq.
  • Hazard Family Foundation
  • Christine and Kevin Hunt
  • Joseph F. Matthews
  • Roberts Health Centre
  • Arthur H. Post
  • Lynn and John Wardle
  • Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock


  • Carol and Ed Cimilluca
  • Lodowick Collins and Marjorie Jackson
  • Hope and James Farrell
  • Moira and Mark Hintsa
  • Barbara and Gordon Johnson
  • Carol and Albert Lowenthal
  • McGuire Wealth Management
  • Sara and Jason Marshall
  • The Murray Family Charitable Foundation
  • Claudia and Gerald Reynolds
  • Gail and Douglas Ricci
  • Kelly and Aaron Robinson
  • Peggy Boyd Sharpe
  • Siravo Family/JDL Limited Partnership
  • The Straetz Foundation
  • James R. Swallow
  • Leslie and Michael Vickers

$2,500 - $4,999

  • Edward A. Allsop
  • Brenda and Raymond J. Bolster
  • Marjorie and Russell Boss
  • Barbara and Darrell Bouchard
  • Virginia P. Carter
  • Maureen and Bud Cummings
  • Joanne Daly and Guy Millick
  • Judy and Robert DiClemente
  • Yolanda and Bruce Gardner
  • Lynn and James Griffin, DO
  • Mathilda M. Hills
  • Carol and John Howland
  • Mary and Richard Kenny
  • Peter F. Kohlsaat
  • John Marshall Family Foundation
  • Ray Langton and Jane Nash
  • Charles Leduc and Jackie Camm
  • Dennis F. Lynch
  • Donna and Paul Masse
  • Karna L. Misevic
  • Betty Rambur and Don DeHayes
  • Betty Sue and Roberts Reed
  • Jane and Bruce Rollins
  • Jane W. Skogley
  • Mary and Sherwood Small
  • Donna and Jack Vanderbeck
  • Victoria and Bruce Wicks
  • Verrecchia Family Foundation
  • Eric Widmer and Meera Viswanathan
  • Marlene and James Williams

$1,000 - $2,499

  • A Quick Tire Service of Wakefield
  • Allegis Group Foundation
  • Dawn and Ted Almon
  • Marilyn Almond
  • Patty and Melvin G. Alperin Fund
  • Arrowhead Dental Associates
  • Helen F. Behrens
  • Nancy and William Bivona
  • Susan and James Blackerby
  • Stephen I. Borsher
  • Anne E. Bowen
  • Thomas and Maria Breen
  • Virginia Brewer
  • Susan and David Brown
  • David J. Broza, MD
  • Bernard V. Buonanno, Jr.
  • Paul Carlson
  • Maggie and Paul Cashion
  • Kevin Charpentier, MD
  • Liz and David Chase
  • Lou Chrostowski and Doug Shapiro
  • Judith and Joseph Cianciolo
  • Ian Clark
  • Betsy and Thomas Coghlin, MD
  • Diana Cohen
  • Domenic and Sandra Coletta
  • Martha Conrad
  • Sandy and Ron Denelle
  • Elaine and Paul Desmarais
  • Kim and Bradford Dimeo
  • Lynne Driscoll
  • Marcia and James Dyne
  • Wendy and James Ernst
  • Michelle J. Fagan
  • Angela and Roger Fazio, MD
  • Ellie C. Ferguson
  • Bob Fetzer
  • and Rosanne Zimmerman
  • Christine M. Foisy
  • Michael M. Ford
  • Anitra Galmore
  • Joan and George Gardiner
  • Ansje Gershkoff
  • Lou Giancola and Pam High, MD
  • Jane and Ronald Gilchrist
  • Lauren Goldenberg
  • Susan and Frank Golet
  • Karen and James Grace
  • Alicia and Peter Graves, MD
  • Robert and Rosanne Griffin
  • Sandra and Vincent Grybauskas
  • Robert Hertling, Jr.
  • Carole and Richard Higginbotham
  • Jane and Thomas Holt, Jr.
  • Elizabeth and Hon. Gilbert Indeglia
  • Ruth and Jeffrey Jarrett
  • Heidi and James Kane
  • Eve and Thomas Keenan, MD
  • Kathie and George Kelleher
  • Jessie and Brett Kenyon
  • Wendy Larsen
  • Margaret G. Leeson and Robert Leeson, Jr.
  • Cornelia and Charles Lewis
  • Susan Seyfarth Lovejoy
  • Estate of Helen W. Lundberg
  • John J. Mahoney
  • Rogean and John Makowski
  • Kathy and Doug Mancosh
  • Dudley Mann
  • Paul Martin
  • Nicholas A. Marzilli
  • Angie and Gary Mathieu
  • Judith Matteson
  • Edward M. and Sharon S. Mazze
  • Donna Lindemann McBurney
  • Eileen and Kenneth McWilliams
  • Catherine and Curtis Miller
  • Martha O. Milot
  • Susan and Richard Moore
  • Jean and Paul Moran
  • Margaret and Mark Noble
  • William Ohley, Ph D. and
  • Margaret Bucheit
  • Marianne and Joseph O’Neill, MD
  • Miriam and M. Robert O’Neill
  • Joseph Orlando and Diane Fournaris
  • Janice and Robert Panoff
  • Nancy L. Perry
  • Lorraine and Kirk Pickell
  • Mary and Neil Philbin
  • Marcia and Stan Polhemus
  • Maura and Andrew Prescott
  • Janice Rabinowitz
  • Johanna and Richard Rakauskas
  • Nancy Read
  • Lucy and John Reardon
  • David R. Redmond, Sr.
  • Bojana Ristich and John Burkett
  • Linda and Hays Rockwell
  • Ferna and John Rourke
  • Lois Sastic, MD and Jonathan Sastic, MD
  • Renny and Lawrence Serre
  • Julie and Henry Sharpe, III
  • Cathy and Russell Shippee
  • Carmel and Jeffrey Silverstein, MD
  • Mary and Sherwood Small
  • Susan and Austin Smith
  • Daisy and James Smythe, MD
  • Susan and James Stone
  • Cathy and William Streker
  • Maureen and James Stifel
  • M. Beverly Swan
  • Claire and William Sweenor
  • William H. Taft, IV
  • Maggie Thomas
  • Carroll and John Tickner
  • Tricia and Bob Thavenius
  • Jan and Hon. Ernest C. Torres
  • Lt. Col. Joseph D. Trehy, Jr.
  • Jean Vican
  • Jane Viera
  • Carol and Robert Weissman
  • Deborah and Barry Wepman, MD
  • Westerly Community Credit Union
  • Victoria and Bruce Wicks
  • Judith O. Williams
  • The Winter Family Foundation
  • Walter Young and Sylvia Blanda

Annual Donors

South County Health is honored to welcome donors who have made an unrestricted contribution of up to $999 to our Annual Fund.

  • A/Z Corporation
  • Nancy J. Abeshaus
  • John P. Acheson
  • Judith W. Adams
  • David A. Adelman
  • Richard D. Aiello
  • Meredith H. Allison
  • Beverly L. Almeida
  • Suzan M. Amoruso
  • Clarice D. Anderes
  • Cynthia T. Archambault
  • Anne and C. Michael Armstrong
  • Sandra and Peter Arnold
  • Janice D. Arsenault
  • Karen and Ira Asher, MD
  • Dorothy H. Baker
  • Janet A. Bannister
  • Christopher Barrett
  • Linda and Don Barrows
  • Carolyn and Herbert Bassett
  • Beacon Mutual
  • Robert and Gerri Beagle
  • Linda G. Beaulieu
  • Patricia and Daniel Bell
  • Jane and Joseph Belsky
  • Emilie Benoit
  • Karen and Ronald Berube
  • Edith Hazard Birney
  • Sandra and Randall Blankenship
  • Sheri Borrelli
  • Julia and Bradford Boss
  • William P. Botelho, Jr.
  • Richard D. Breault
  • Alexandra Broches
  • Patricia N. Brow
  • Barbara S. Brown
  • Beverly and Thomas Brown
  • John E. Brownell
  • Rhonda L. Brunero
  • Cynthia and James Buxton
  • Louis F. Califano
  • Bonnie and Donald Cameron
  • Denise E. Capone
  • Barbara and Douglas Carey
  • Paul C. Carlson
  • Kathleen and James Carney
  • Virginia and Peter Carr
  • John G. Casey
  • Patricia Casey
  • Marianne Casey
  • Lynda and Robert Cavanagh
  • Sandra K. Cavanagh Family Charitable Fund
  • Beverly and Joseph Celeberto
  • Mary and Jaime Chamorro, MD
  • Diane and William Cicchelli
  • James J. Cimino
  • Beverly and Louis Clark
  • Meryl and David Clark
  • Joseph F. Clark
  • Linda and Arthur Clarke, III
  • Julie and John Coduri
  • I Aaron Cohen, Esq.
  • Eliza G.C. Collins
  • Constance Connery Smayda
  • Anne and Robert Considine
  • Niovi and Spiros Constantinides
  • Sharon and John Courtois
  • Steven J. Crandall
  • Joseph D. Creedon
  • Betsy and John Crosby
  • Inez P. Crowley
  • Patricia M. Crowley
  • Daniel M. Crowley
  • Marcie Cummings and Clarkson Collins
  • Christina and Matthew Curley
  • Peggy Curran
  • Charlotte M. Curry
  • Carolyn and Richard Curtis
  • Judith D'Agostino
  • Joan and John D'Agostino
  • Elizabeth and Stratton Danes, MD
  • Debra and Joseph D'Angelo
  • Debra and Orville Davis
  • Anne F. Delsanto-Ravenscroft
  • Richard J. Deluca
  • Greg DeLuca
  • Lenore A. DeLucia
  • Sandy and Ron Denelle
  • Kimberley A. Dias
  • Jo-Ann and Vincent DiBiase, Sr.
  • Kathleen and David DiMeo
  • DiSano Priest Charitable Foundation
  • Charles E. Donilon, III
  • Laurie and Mark Donovan
  • Kelly Donovan and Deborah Karel
  • Claudette and J. Michael Downey
  • Lynne M. Dunphy
  • Diane and Richard Durand
  • Wayne K. Durfee
  • Marcia and James Dyne
  • Barbara A. Dzitko
  • Janice M. Eldred
  • Richard H. Ellsworth*
  • Barbara S. Evangelos
  • April and Joseph Falcone
  • Edward V. Famiglietti
  • Diane L. Fasching
  • Ann W. Ferrante
  • Maryann Ferraro
  • Frances and Carl Ferrucci
  • Kenneth G. Figgins
  • Gloria and Francis X. Figueroa, MD
  • Barbaralee Fiske
  • Constance P. Fitzelle
  • Jean and John Fitzpatrick
  • Priscilla and Martin Flynn
  • Agnes and Leo Fox
  • Barbara Fracassa
  • Cheryl and Dennis Friel
  • Donnalee and John Fronce
  • Robert T. Galkin*
  • Jeanne R. Gardiner
  • Linda and Ron Gardrel
  • Martha L. Gargle
  • Tammy and John Gathen
  • Panseluta and Eugene Geer
  • Ansje Gershkoff
  • Josephine and Richard Gervais
  • Robert G. Gianfrocco, DO
  • Paul R. Gilgun
  • Alberta and James Gleason
  • Lauren Goldenberg
  • Judith and Richard Goldenberg, DMD
  • Marian R. Goldsmith
  • Mary L. Goos
  • John and Barbara Gordon
  • Elizabeth P. Gordon
  • Mary and Walter Gray
  • Kevin Gray
  • Janet Murchie Gray
  • Jane L. Grayhurst
  • Ellen and Lawrence Grebstein
  • Lt. Comdr. Robert F. Greene
  • Christine and Richard Greene
  • Lumina Greenway
  • Rosemary and John Gribbin
  • Monica Gross, MD
  • Rosemary Gruczka
  • Judy and Gerald Guccione
  • Mary Alice Gunn
  • Sybil W. Guthrie
  • Norma and Warren Hagist
  • Audrey Hallberg
  • Dusten J. Hamlin, Sr.
  • Carol and Roy Harness
  • Debra and Thomas Harrington
  • Diana T. Harvey
  • Linda M. Hayes
  • Nancy and Russell Hays
  • Louise F. Heard
  • Linda V. Hennessey
  • Robert L. Henrikson
  • Mary Blue Hewitt
  • A. Bliss Hoffman
  • Willa and Kenneth Hogberg
  • Cheryl and Peter Holland
  • Carol A. Houser
  • Hannelore and Robert Hutchison
  • Elizabeth and Martin Hyman
  • Janet W. Innis
  • Diana Norton Jackson and Leland Jackson, MD
  • Barbara Marie Jerrett
  • Russell H. Johnson
  • Shelly Johnson, MD and Peter F. Neronha
  • Joan Johnson
  • Kenneth M. Johnson
  • Margaret and Mark Johnson, DDS
  • Lisa B. Johnson
  • Vivian A. Johnson
  • Elizabeth and Richard Kalunian
  • Carol and Charles Kaufman
  • Susan P. Kermes
  • Wanda and Steven King
  • Alice F. King
  • Susan Kirschenbaum, MD and Louis Kirschenbaum, MD
  • E. Gabriele Klensch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dominik Kotlow
  • Eileen M. Kovacs
  • Gerald and Sylvia Krausse
  • Michael G. Lapointe
  • James J. Laudone
  • Joan Lausier
  • Beverly S. Lavallee
  • John F. Law
  • Geoffrey B. Lawrence
  • Leslie and Mark Lederer
  • Dorothy and Edgar Leduc
  • Joanne and Benjamin Lenda
  • Gabriel Lengyel
  • Cornelia and Charles Lewis
  • Janet and Curtis Lewis
  • Meredith H. Lewis
  • Michelle and Christopher Little, Esq.
  • Amy Lloyd
  • Sandra and Robert Lovejoy
  • Martha Lucia
  • Evelyn C. Ludovici
  • George Lynch, Jr.
  • Lynn and Robert Lytle, Jr.
  • Ann E. MacDonald
  • Bea and Robert MacGregor
  • Linda and Wallace MacLeod
  • William A. Madden
  • Judith Magarian
  • Kathy and Jack Mahoney
  • Neil E. Mahoney
  • Lita and Leo Mainelli
  • Dori Gerhardt and Anthony Maione
  • Michelle and Mark Mancini, MDs
  • Dudley L. Mann
  • Lucie Maranda
  • Christine Marchese
  • Robert Marvel, Jr.
  • Constance P. Marzilli
  • Robert C. Mathieu
  • Lois A. Mathieu
  • Gail T. Matthews
  • James A. McCauley
  • Frances and Kevin McGrath
  • Patricia and Robert McGreen
  • Gail and Larry McHugh
  • Elizabeth J. McNab
  • Matthew F. Medeiros
  • Roxanne and Matthew Melchiori
  • Sandy and Eric Menke
  • Michael Merner
  • Marcia P. Merrick
  • Gerald A. Miele
  • Emily and John Miller, Jr.
  • Joanne M. Daly and Guy Millick
  • Kathryn and Joseph Miltimore
  • Patricia Mion
  • Brenda and David Mitchell
  • Kenneth M. Moffat
  • Mary Ellen Moffitt
  • Barbara and David Monaghan, Jr.
  • Hon. Patricia Moore and Guy Geffroy, MD
  • Karen and Wayne Morgan
  • Holly and Roger Morgan
  • Sandra L Morrison
  • Susan and Domenic Mosca, Jr.
  • Pearl Motta
  • James Murdocco, MD and Rev. Sandra Haines-Murdocco
  • Fae and Ira Murphy, Jr.
  • Marjorie and John Murphy, MDs
  • Narragansett Rubbish Removal, Inc.
  • Nancy and Harold Nelson
  • Janet and Ronald Neschis, MD
  • Patricia A. Newsham*
  • Judith B. Nichipor
  • Kay and Carl Nowiszewski
  • Mafalda and Robert Nula
  • Patricia and Michael Oakes
  • Diane and Thomas O'Brien
  • Jane and Dennis O'Brien
  • Karen O'Donnell
  • David G. Olson
  • Mary Ann and Donald Packer
  • Norma L. Paliotti
  • Mary and William J. Palm III
  • Sharon A. Pena
  • Lorna and Steven Persson
  • Ann W. Peterson
  • Robin and Robert Petro
  • Michael S. Pinto
  • Kevin Piti
  • Michael P. Plessner
  • Lee R. Podedworny
  • Point Judith Country Club
  • Lawrence K. Pomeroy
  • Michelle Proulx and Charles Connell
  • Kristen and Mark Provost
  • Margaret C. Puhlick
  • Vivian and James Quinn
  • Beverly A. Quirk
  • The Rabinowitz Foundation, Inc.
  • Marie and Evandro Radoccia, Jr.
  • Jacqueline and C. David Ralston
  • Ran and Mickey Ranalli
  • Gail and Luca Razza
  • Patricia and John Reardon
  • Alex Reilly and Sandra Winter Reilly
  • Pamela and Gregory Reynolds
  • Kathleen A. Richards
  • Jeanne B. Riley
  • Mary Lou Riley
  • Jan and Henry Rines
  • Joanne A. Rizzo
  • Edith E. Roberts
  • Barbara and Frank Robinson, III
  • Susan and Mark Robinson
  • Kelly and Aaron Robinson
  • Elizabeth M. Robinson
  • Deborah and Paul Roche
  • Karen and Donald Roebuck
  • Michael Rogers and Barbara Reynolds
  • Jonathan W. Rose
  • Sharon and Eric Rose
  • Elaine and James Rosmond
  • Cindy and Brian Roy
  • L. Donald Roy
  • John D. Ruscito
  • Patricia Russo-Magno, MD
  • Clara and Raymond Ruzzo
  • Marzena and James Salome
  • Anne Salvadore
  • Jerome A. Schaffran
  • Shirley Schalhoub
  • Katharine and Robert Schelleng
  • Mark Schlosky and Kit Nally Schlosky
  • Christopher Schuler
  • Gilbert Scott, Jr.
  • Louise and William Scott
  • Judith R. Semones
  • Mary L. Sevigny
  • Scott M. Seymour
  • Loretta and Richard Shaw
  • Irene and Vincent Sherman, Jr.
  • Susan and Alan Simpson, Jr.
  • Frances and William Sinkler
  • Sallie and Robert Sirhal
  • Donald J. Skwirz
  • Virginia and Nelson Smith
  • Pauline F. Smith
  • Daisy and James Smythe, MD
  • Karen Soderberg-Gomez and Jorge Gomez
  • Henry Spencer and Nicky Cass
  • Lynda and Kenneth St. Amour
  • Norma Smayda Staley
  • Jane F. Stedman
  • Anthony A. Steere, Jr.
  • Karen F. Stein
  • Karen and Jeffrey Stein
  • Maureen and James Stifel
  • Angela and Robert Stone
  • Josiah R.W. Strandberg
  • Mary Anne Sumner
  • I. Antoinette Sutherland, MD
  • M. Beverly Swan
  • Eric V. Swanson
  • Cheryl and Christopher Swartz
  • Claire M. Sweet
  • Charles A. Sweet
  • Katherine Swink
  • Christine and Rodman Sykes
  • Gail and Robert Taber
  • William H. Taft, IV
  • Lynda and Benjamin Tallman
  • Lynne and John Tashiro, MD
  • Joyce Tetreault
  • Colleen and Wil Tolhurst, Jr.
  • Jan and Hon. Ernest C. Torres
  • Joan Tracey
  • Jacquelyn H. Tracy
  • Lt. Comdr. Joseph D. Trehy, FAAP
  • Marie M. Trivelli
  • Scott C. Tsagarakis
  • Rebecca and Brian Turnbaugh
  • Evelyn S. Ungaro
  • Diane and Michael Ursillo
  • Wheaton C. Vaughan
  • Jacquelyn S. Vehmeyer
  • Joseph M. Viele
  • Rebecca and Richard Wade
  • Virginia F. Waldron
  • Barbara and William Wallace, II
  • Elaine Walters
  • Elizabeth and Norman Ward
  • Ann and Richard Watelet
  • Marilyn and David Webster
  • Sharon Webster
  • Webster Bank
  • Clare Stone and Martin Wencek
  • Ruth L. Wendelschaefer
  • RADM Richard D. West USN, Retired
  • Carol A. Wilson
  • Nina and Steve Winoker
  • Catherine and Ben Wohlberg
  • Joan G. Wood
  • Deanna D. Wright
  • Patricia and Robert Yarnall, Jr.
  • David G. Zartarian
  • Terry and Anthony Zoglio
  • Dorothy and Mark Zullo, MD

2022 Donor Directed Giving

The following individuals have made a gift of $1,000 or more to an identified area of need at South County Health.

We are grateful to these donors for their support of these specialty areas.

  • Brenda and Raymond J. Bolster
  • Thomas and Maria Breen
  • Lou Chrostowski and Doug Shapiro
  • Ian T. Clark
  • Elaine and Paul Desmarais
  • Lynne A. Driscoll
  • Hope and James Farrell
  • Christine M. Foisy
  • Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly
  • Anitra Galmore
  • Scot V. Hallberg
  • Hazard Family Foundation
  • Rogean and John Makowski
  • Kathy and Douglas Mancosh
  • Sara and Jason Marshall
  • John Marshall Family Foundation
  • Angie and Gary Mathieu
  • Lynn and Steven Moran
  • Murray Family Charitable Foundation
  • Navigant Credit Union
  • n/e/m/d architects, Inc.
  • The Vivian J. Palmieri Trust
  • Lelia D. Palmieri
  • Andrew B. Prescott
  • Kelly and Aaron Robinson
  • Anna O. Rotondo Living Trust
  • Edward J. & Virginia M. Routhier Foundation
  • Susan M. and Arnold A. Sarazen, MDs
  • South County Health Auxiliary
  • Tricia and Bob Thavenius
  • Maggie Thomas
  • Lynn and John Wardle
  • Deborah and Barry Wepman, MD
  • Westerly Community Credit Union

  • Jane and R. Wade Ortel, MD

  • The Acken Family
  • Marry Ann and Salvatore Anania
  • Carla and Ken Andronowitz
  • Marilee and Peter Bell
  • Kengy and Eric Bell
  • Bede Bidlack
  • Barbara and Cormac Bluestone
  • Brenda and Raymond J. Bolster
  • The Burke Family
  • Wendy Bush
  • Karen P. Carr DeChello
  • Victor Caruso
  • Maggie and Paul Cashion
  • Joseph Cathey
  • Sandra K. Cavanagh Family Charitable Fund
  • Lydia Chambers
  • Sarah Chambers
  • Carol and Ed Cimilluca
  • Carter and Bruce Conway
  • Ron Cowie and Eden Casteel
  • Patricia M. Crowley
  • Stephen J. Czech
  • Ryan Daniel
  • Karen Del Ponte
  • Carrie and Daniel DiPrete, MD
  • Sarah and Joseph Dowling, Jr.
  • Emma Dwyer
  • Kimberly and John Dwyer
  • Patricia and David Elmer
  • Nancy Elsberry
  • Susan Emery
  • Jerilyn DeSantis Fleck
  • Sandi and Randy Gardner, Gardner Woodwrights, Ltd.
  • Dona and Alexander Garnett
  • Margherite Garrahy
  • Seana M. G. Edwards
  • Arrowhead Dental Associates
  • Bonnie and James Gwin
  • Jane and Edward Harrington
  • Tim Haxton
  • Hazard Family Foundation
  • Sue and Stephen Heard
  • Claire T. Hebert
  • Carole and Richard Higginbotham
  • A. Bliss Hoffman
  • Sandra L. Horan
  • Elizabeth B. Hynson
  • Janet W. Innis
  • Mary and Arthur Kaufman
  • Linda and Daniel Kortick
  • Deirdre and Scott Kumo
  • Karen and Arthur Larsen
  • Melissa and Gerald Lavallee
  • Prescott Legard
  • Elizabeth and Philip Loughlin
  • Michaela and Andrew Lynch
  • Shirley and William MacKinlay
  • Colleen and Michael Mahoney
  • Janet and Joseph Marrinan, III
  • Kaitlin Martin
  • Michael Martin
  • Mimi and Jamie McCleary
  • Anna and Thomas McGreen, MD
  • Katherine and Ronald McGreen
  • Bernadette McGuire-Rivera
  • Candace B. McNally
  • Victoria and Donald Middlebrooks
  • Robert Monnes
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Pancha and Carl Peterson
  • Sharon and Eric Rose
  • Nancy E. Roth
  • Dorothy B. Sage
  • Cathy and Russell Shippee
  • Sue Coughlin and Sam Slade
  • Daisy and James Smythe, MD
  • South County Garden Club
  • Marie and Daniel Sprague
  • Barbara and William Sussman
  • Tall Timbers Hunting Association
  • The Three Angels Fund
  • Jan and Hon. Ernest C. Torres
  • Nancy and Fredrick Wilson, III
  • Susan and Michael Winter
  • The Winter Family Foundation

  • Thomas Edler
  • Eve and Martin Sadd
  • Wakefield Concert Band

  • The Champlin Foundation
  • John T. & Nellie T. Gardner Trust

  • Susan and Steve Barron
  • FM Global Foundation
  • Mary and Michael Hagen

  • Stephanie D. and Hon. Lincoln D. Chafee
  • Dr. J. Paul Jones, Carolyn M. Jones and Virginia L. Jones
  • South County Hospital Medical Staff
  • The Rhode Island Foundation

  • Barbara and Peter Fournier

  • Roddy Holden Kintzel Charitable Fund
  • Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust

  • Billy Andrade – Brad Faxon Charities for Children
  • Winnie Brownell
  • Joan and George Gardiner
  • Eve and Thomas Keenan, MD
  • Candace B. McNally
  • Brenda and David Mitchell
  • The Rhode Island Foundation
  • William and Sandra Rosen Robin and David Ryan

  • Charles Bluto and Cynthia Jorgensen
  • Emma Dwyer
  • Sharon and Eric Rose
  • The Joseph & Rosalyn Sinclair Foundation, Inc.
  • Gayle and Thomas Tarzwell, Esq.
  • Katherine and David Whitney

  • Elizabeth and Michael Aho

  • Anthony F. Gabriele

  • Leslie and Edwin Kurtz

  • Karen and Anthony Rafanelli

  • Elizabeth and John Reynolds

  • Barbara and Wayne Ricci

  • Leanne and James Turenne

Business Partners

South County Health extends its gratitude to our Business Partners for investing in the health of our community.

$50,000 and above

Trust and Transformation Business Partners



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