South County Health Board of Trustees

Effective FY2020/October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020


  • Dennis F. Lynch Chairman
  • James L. Farrell Vice Chairman
  • Betty Rambur, PhD, RN Secretary
  • Victoria A. Wicks Treasurer
  • Aaron Robinson President and CEO, ex officio


  • Salvatore Abbruzzese, Jr., DO President of the Medical Staff, ex officio
  • Naveh Levy, MD Vice President of the Medical Staff, ex officio
  • Ted Almon
  • Robert M. Beagle
  • Richard Del Sesto, MD
  • Robert K. Dyer, MD
  • Ellie C. Ferguson
  • John H. Howland
  • Rogean Makowski
  • Jason P. Marshall
  • David W. Rowe, MD
  • Austin C. Smith
  • Donna D. Vanderbeck

Annual Report 2020

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Focused on Innovative Patient Care

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