On behalf of South County Health’s Administration, the Board of Trustees, and the Medical Staff, we are pleased to present our Annual Report for the Fiscal Year ending September 30th, 2023. We are excited once again to present a digital annual report and share more about what makes South County Health, Rhode Island’s Most Trusted Health Partner.

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, where financial viability and sustainability remain elusive, the quiet champions of nonprofit health systems stand as beacons of community service. Small nonprofit health systems wield profound influence, not merely through their provision of medical services, but through their formidable advocacy efforts. Nowhere is this more evident than right here in Rhode Island, where South County Health has emerged as a driving force behind legislation aimed at enhancing access to primary and specialty care providers for all Rhode Island residents, while leveling the competitive playing field, thereby allowing Rhode Island to recruit the breadth and caliber of medical professionals available in neighboring states.

At South County Health, we believe the Senate Healthcare Bill 2722 and House Bill 8072 serve to stabilize the entire RI healthcare delivery system, including hospitals, primary care, specialty physicians, and advanced practice providers. The Bills also represent a critical financial step in sustaining healthcare for all Rhode Islanders, addressing the needs of our community, ensuring patients have adequate access to primary care and specialty providers, and improving health equity. By rallying together in support of this legislation, we can create positive change that benefits health systems, healthcare workers, and patients, alike.

While South County Health’s primary mission remains the provision of healthcare services, as Rhode Island's Most Trusted Health Partner, there is also recognition that responsibility extends beyond the exam room. Health disparities are often rooted in systemic barriers, necessitating proactive engagement with policymakers to effect lasting change. In Rhode Island, this has propelled South County Health to the forefront of legislative discourse.

At its core, this endeavor embodies the spirit of community stewardship that defines South County Health. By championing change that prioritizes the well-being of all residents, communities serve as catalysts for positive change.

This critical legislation will help:

  • Ensure adequate access for all Rhode Islanders to primary care and specialty physicians, and advanced practice providers.
  • Improve the sustainability and quality of Rhode Island’s hospitals.
  • Improve health equity throughout Rhode Island’s entire healthcare delivery system.

One key aspect of the Bills is a focus on healthcare workers. Under the proposed legislation, physicians and advanced practice providers, as well as hospitals, will have the opportunity to achieve equitable reimbursement to their peers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. This not only ensures that our healthcare professionals are fairly compensated for their essential work, but also strengthens the healthcare workforce, ultimately benefiting patient care.

We know that as a supporter of South County Health, you share an understanding of the critical nature of healthcare access. That's why we are asking you to reach out to your elected officials in support of Senate Bill 2722 and House Bill 8072. In supporting this legislation, a more equitable and sustainable healthcare environment that benefits all members of the Rhode Island community will be possible.

For more information on the bill or to download a letter of support to send to your legislators, please visit SouthCountyHealth.org/Support.

Aaron Robinson
President and CEO

Joseph F. Matthews
Chairman | Board of Trustees

Robert Bierwirth, M.D.
President of the Medical Staff

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