A Message to the Community: Resilience Redefined

On behalf of our Administration, the Board of Trustees, and the Medical Staff, we are pleased to present South County Health’s Annual Report for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2021.

We are excited to share with you some of what makes South County Health unique. Our partnerships, our people, our ingenuity, and our innovations are focused on exceeding patient expectations as Rhode Island’s Most Trusted Health Partner.

In April 2021, the South County Health Board of Trustees welcomed Joseph F. Matthews as its Chairman. From the start, his passion for South County Health was evident in his leadership, insight, belief in our mission, and vision to support and sustain our growth as a critical community asset.


In the midst of extraordinary times, South County Health has continued to serve our community exceptionally amid two years of an unprecedented global pandemic. We have regularly exceeded benchmarks of quality, service, and financial performance while building our future.

After analyzing the results of extensive market research that measured South County Health’s recognition and reach in several target market areas, we successfully expanded our services to the growing number of patients in the Warwick area.

Our research also showed our brand was not well recognized in our community. The historical wave logo didn’t portray the unique value South County Health brings to its patients: Focus. Focus on exceptional patient experiences; focus on delivering the region’s best quality; and focus on innovative technology. To better reflect this focus, we introduced a refreshed brand in June 2021. Our new logo features a ‘focus mark’ between the L and T to reflect South County Health’s laser focus on the patient. The three-part shield depicts our quality, service, and innovation — a reflection of the protection and trust our communities place in South County Health. At no point in our 100+ year history has that trust been more important or better delivered than during the last two years of COVID — all while maintaining the highest scores possible from respected agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Leapfrog, and Press Ganey.


With this focus in mind, we initiated a 13-phase construction plan that included the opening of a seventh Operating Room, an all-new Endoscopy Suite, and renovated Emergency Department. Our Rhode Island footprint also expanded with the opening of provider practices in Cranston and Narragansett. As of February 2022, South County Health opened a seventh location and third Medical & Wellness Center, in Warwick. This newest ambulatory location creates another critical access point for primary and express care, obstetrics, cardiology, vascular surgery, pulmonology, and general surgery.

We also added new medical specialties such as radiation therapy and pulmonology to our list of programs and services, including significant new investments in the most advanced radiation therapy capabilities.

Our continuum of success is not a singular effort, but realized with like-minded, strategic partners who understand and provide high quality medical care, deliver exceptional patient experiences, and embody the character values — integrity, caring, respect, excellence, and stewardship — that guide our actions.


COVID has brought a prolonged uncertainty that has created both unity and cumulative fatigue for our frontline healthcare workers. We are a strong community of caregivers that has supported each other through these extraordinary times. However, we ask our community to redouble support for South County Health so we can remain strong. Messages of support to our caregivers and frontline workers are always encouraging. When community projects are moving forward, messages of support to elected officials confirm how important our services are to this community.

We are proud that we have continued to support the South County community throughout the pandemic through treatment and prevention. On December 18, 2020, South County Health delivered its first dose of COVID vaccine to staff. Although vaccines were scarce, the Centers for Disease Control and the Rhode Island Department of Health ensured that our healthcare workers received initial doses. As a community partner, South County Health also extended doses to others in the community and to our most vulnerable patients.

We also played a key role in community health education when, in March of 2021, South County Health held its first Virtual Public Town Hall Meeting. Members of the community were invited to participate in discussions on COVID, the vaccine, and South County Health’s future growth and success — all via virtual technology to ensure the safety of those participating.


We are fortunate to have dedicated staff and volunteers who have
worked through exhaustion to ensure the health and safety of our patients. Our leadership team provided constant guidance and redirection of critical resources to prioritize daily operations, while simultaneously executing strategies that supported South County Health’s mission.

We continue to be encouraged by the interest in partnerships (both old and new) with South County Health. And we are grateful for the support of our patients, donors, business partners, and others who give their time, their trust, and their charitable gifts.

Our focus is to make high quality healthcare more accessible to all, by investing in critical medical services, innovative technologies, and market-leading experiences that continue to deliver on our mission to be your Most Trusted Health Partner. We look forward to brighter days ahead in which we can once again engage more regularly with you and share the great things this exceptional organization continues to deliver to our growing community.

Annual Report 2021

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