“I love being a nurse at South County Hospital. We work as a team.”

Patricia Pine | A nurse, patient, and member of the community

At 80 years of age, Patty Pine credits her health and her love of nursing for keeping her active. Unlike many of her peers, she chose working over retirement. After returning to Rhode Island to care for her mother several years ago, Patty began working at South County Hospital where she continues to care for patients in the Endoscopy Suite.

“I enjoy it very much. I grew up in North Kingstown and I enjoy working with people I know or have connections with in our community,” she said.

Patty was born at South County Hospital when the hospital “was just a house” she said.

When she was 13 years old, she dislocated her right knee while cheerleading. South County Hospital was there again to care for her.

Then, in January 2022, Dr. Robert C. Marchand of Ortho Rhode Island completed a full knee replacement on the same knee using Mako technology. Within weeks she was on her feet again.

As a patient, Patty said her experience at South County Hospital was world class, comparing it to a “boutique hospital” for the personal service she received.

“Each person who comes to your room is so pleasant. They treat you with so much care and have confidence in what they are doing. Even those bringing your lunch are so kind and accommodating.”

Patty understands the difference that quality care makes. Her career as a registered nurse with an MBA has taken her from operating rooms to endoscopy suites in Arizona, California, and Rhode Island.

“I thought I retired,” she said. “But you learn so much every new place you go. I absolutely love being a nurse at South County Hospital. Our hospital is located where patients are second to none, employees genuinely care for patients, and we have adequate funds and supplies to take care of our patients. We work as a team.”

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